Mark Fox – New release: The Fifth Love: Exploring Accounts of the Extraordinary


“This was the power of love as I had never imagined…………..As it flowed in I was filled not with a feeling of elation but joy.  In this new state I was unworried, fully alive and fully at peace, because this was the culmination of everything that one could desire.”



Send a cheque made payable to Spirit and Sage Ltd, or a postal order, for £9.99, along with your name and address to: Spirit and Sage Ltd., 50 Beaulieu Close, Kidderminster, Worcs. DY11 5EE Engalnd.   UK P&P FREE

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Mark Fox

2 thoughts on “Mark Fox – New release: The Fifth Love: Exploring Accounts of the Extraordinary

  1. Margaret Coles says:

    Hello Mark, I did try an e.mail to you from my address, but not sure you would get it because I experienced some interference. So I have found this way to connect. I had only read a little of THE FIFTH LOVE some months ago and on dusting my shelves, I found it again and have been reading it when I should be doing something else! It is such an uplifting and lump in the throat book. I was thinking, that we here, on this earth, in this physical element, are on a reconnaissance. To learn, share, experience, with many hiccoughs, I was going to say limitations, but of course, that word can only be used in ignorance. Then, LOVE is the operative word here, too, isn’t it?! Space run out. Sincerely, with Blessings, Margaret Coles.

  2. Kathleen says:

    Nice comment, Margaret Coles. I think we should all speak in books to one another. This would help us to see our true hearts, and we could walk out with one another our true motives and angles. But I suppose speaking in books to one another is a little too much to ask 🙂

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