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Welcome to Mark Fox’s website. If you are looking for Spirit and Sage Ltd and have been redirected here it’s because that’s the company through which my books are published and my talks are promoted. Please click on the tabs, above, to find out more about my existing, recent, and forthcoming titles and to obtain details of upcoming events.

As you will see, I write mainly on the related topics of religious and spiritual experience and I am always delighted to hear from anybody who shares these interests or who has had such an experience. Be reassured that I always approach anything that has been related to me with sensitivity and that I always respect the right to privacy and anonymity of those who have confided in me. In addition – and as you will also see – whilst this site primarily reflects my ongoing interest in the study of testimonies to religious and spiritual experience it ranges more widely than this, reflecting the fact that I am a keen Fortean who likes nothing better than to explore the things that currently dominant cultural and scientific paradigms often struggle with or fail adequately to explain. Hence you’ll find references and blogs here that encompass areas including those of parapsychology, Biblical Studies, and unsolved mysteries.

As of 2019 I’m very excited to announce the release of my new book, Temple and Tomb: Fresh Light on John’s Gospel, which is now available from Amazon in both print and kindle formats. Whilst a lot of books have been written about John’s portrayal of Jesus, Temple and Tomb breaks new ground by combining cutting-edge, twenty-first century insights from archaeology, history and biblical studies in its bid to cast fresh light on the beautiful and timeless Gospel of John. Written for the interested non-specialist and ideal for both individual and group study, this new book combines two of my keenest interests – spirituality and the Gospel of John – and I am delighted that it is now widely available. Please click on the ‘Recent’ tab for more information about it, including where you can buy it from.

I hope that you enjoy this site. I update it regularly and there are details of all of my books – including links to Amazon – via the ‘Books’ tab and elsewhere. You can find a more ‘formal’ description of what I’ve been researching and writing about recently via the ‘About’ and ‘Archive’ pages and if you would like to contact me to share an experience, to find out more about my books, or for some other reason, please do so via the ‘Contact’ page and I will get back to you quickly.

Thanks for reading! Now read on…