cropped-3D-web-copy-247x300“The Alister Hardy Archive provides a unique resource for the scientific investigation of spiritual experience. Few know their way around the Archive as well as Mark Fox and this is a study that is both impressive and insightful. Scholarly and readable, it offers a captivating analysis of evidence pointing to awareness of the fifth love that reaches out to the human heart.” – Professor Leslie J. Francis, Chair, Alister Hardy Trust

“This was the power of love as I had never imagined…As it flowed in I was filled not with a feeling of elation but joy. In this new state I was unworried, fully alive and fully at peace, because this was the culmination of everything that one could desire.”

The Fifth Love: Exploring Accounts of the Extraordinary is a study of over 150 unpublished accounts of present-day experiences of overwhelming love. Spanning religious, spiritual and paranormal enquiry, the study shows that there is more to love than any earthly feeling, and provides compelling evidence that love can come to us – often when we need it most – from sources that transcend our current, physical, world.

Drawing on a rich range of dramatic testimonies, this book provides compelling evidence that these experiences of love share a common source. Typically occurring at times of crisis and overwhelmingly positive and loving, these accounts provide ample testimony to the existence of a life-changing experience of love that is given to all, whether religious or not, and irrespective of age or background: a love literally not of this world.



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